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Secret Garden;
Nursery and Event Site

"If you are looking for the perfect picturesque outdoor setting
for your wedding, Secret Garden is the place!"
Conrad and Roxana Smith, owners of Reflections Photography, Inc.
Step back in time for the ceremony
that begins your future.
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Enter through a vine-covered arbor and you truly are in the
Secret Garden;Nursery and Event Site.
As you stroll through the gardens, you feel as if you have been transported
in time to the serenity of long ago.
Built and designed by Steve Muzzipapa,
the wedding and event site show his love for the old world style
and his keen eye for plant varieties
which are not commonly observed in this area.
Featuring a 200 foot stream
meandering between 3 ponds
and 2 waterfalls, the site also
boasts towering 100 year old trees
to shade you and your guests
on your special day. You have the
option of 2 aisles from which you
make your grand entrance.
One defined by trees which
form nature's own archway,
or one which leads you
across the stream
bordered by European
style urns overflowing
with beautiful
A gazebo is on site
and there are
many private garden areas
for that perfect photo
While Steve was creating this
unique site,he spotted a shiny object
in a shovel full of soil.
When he looked closely
at the object to his surprise,
he had unearthed a wedding band!
As you can see,his vision
for this projectwas meant to be!!
Call Steve for your personal tour,
and see for yourself how calming
and peaceful a stroll through
the Secret Garden can be.
(719) 964-0541

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